I’ve been a bad blogger lately, so I made an apology playlist

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Hey, guys. I feel bad. I’ve been listening to a bunch of amazing music lately ― but for some reason I haven’t shared a lot of it with you. I was going to write out a long list of excuses that explained how my life has been really busy lately and that I didn’t have enough time to blog as much as I used to. Then I realized that was bullshit. I took a three hour nap yesterday after watching cartoons. I have no excuses for my behavior. I’m sorry. Like a shitty boyfriend who buys a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend after forgetting her birthday, here’s my weak attempt at an apology: A carefully selected playlist of twelve songs that I didn’t get around to posting over the last month or so. Enjoy.

Pretend you’re a talented electronic producer and spend the rest of your day playing with Patatap

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After listening to a lot of electronic music, there comes a time when you think to yourself, “I bet I could do this!” So you download a bootlegged version of a music production program you know nothing about, and you attempt it yourself. At first it’s kinda fun, then your horrible 21st-century attention span kicks in and you get frustrated. So you turn on Netflix and continue wasting your life away.

Fortunately, the creators of an awesome new web app make the whole process a little easier. By tapping on your keyboard, you trigger electronic sounds and accompanying whimsical visuals. In the process, you create what hopefully takes the form of music. If you get bored of the set of sounds/visuals, just press the space bar and a whole new set of sounds cycles in (my favorite set is the second one). Made up of sounds created by the talented minimalist Japanese band Lullatone, it’s pretty hard to come up with something that sounds bad. So, the whole thing is kinda like cheating, but it’s fun – so who cares? Click the gray box below and play around with it. Then hear a song by the band who actually knows what to do with their sounds. Enjoy!

Mazde – Our Chance ft. Curt Jones

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It’s hard to overshadow a vocalist like Curt Jones. Within seconds of your first listen to this new single from relatively unknown producer Mazde, you’ll realize he’s got one of those voices that transcends generations and trends. With this in mind, it would seem like a pretty safe move for Mazde to just sit back and let Jones’ vocals do all the work, right?


Around 22 seconds in, a crazy vocal whistling-ish sound comes in (I don’t know how to describe it because he just invented the coolest sound in the history of music and it doesn’t have a name yet – leave me alone) and makes us forget about those vocals we were just salivating over a few seconds earlier. It’s nuts. I want to live inside that sound. It’s so warm and cozy and happy. I want to make sweaters out of it and give them to all my loved ones. I want to share it with the world. I guess I’ll just start with this blog post. Stop reading and listen below.

Woolfy – City Lights

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Woolfy City Lights

Somewhere along my latest weird philosophical quest to figure out why humans exist and what the point of everything is, I came across this quote from the brilliant Alan Watts: “The meaning of life is to be alive”. It seems so simple and stupid at first. Then you think about it a little and realize how remarkable it is.

It’s so easy to get caught up in accomplishments, future goals, and impressing others — so a lot of us forget to live. We forget how bizarre and (for lack of a better word) magical it is to just live. Instead of soaking that in, we ignore it and keep our focus on pushing toward uncertain futures that we assume will be better than our current situations. Then, of course, we die. Great, right? Anyway, with that thought floating around my head, I saw a comment on Soundcloud by someone named “Ms Beaver” (not joking) that said, “big group of people holding hands and dancing in a circle as the sun comes up”. If that doesn’t sound like the description of a bunch of people just living to live, I don’t know what does. So I pressed play on the song this comment was attached to and was blown away. I would try to describe it, but it might just be better to listen for yourself. Press play below and let it be your soundtrack this week. Put it on your iPod and go on a directionless walk through your neighborhood. Watch a squirrel do squirrel things for an hour or something weird. Pet a dog. I don’t know. It might just wash away all that ultimately meaningless stress and pressure you’ve been feeling lately.

Alan Watts

OnlyReal – Cadillac Girl

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Only Real

In the same vein as newcomers like King Krule and Mac Demarco, OnlyReal’s music is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings on the porch. Influenced by 50s surf rock as well as modern hip-hop, his sound is hard to classify (which, of course, is probably why I like it so much). I’ve always had a hard time enjoying artists with heavy accents (especially when that accent filters hip-hop verses) but it works for the West Londoner, making this track more interesting than if it came from a kid from Los Angeles. I’m a fan. Check out a stream of his new song, “Cadillac Girl” below.

Watch Raury’s impressive video for “God’s Whisper”

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Raury Indigo God's Whisper

There’s nothing more fun for me than watching a talented young artist flourish into a star that gets the attention they deserve. Historically this has always taken years of hard work, but we’ve seen artists like Chance The Rapper and Lorde speed the process up a bit in the last year or so. Thank you, Internet. Anyway, if I had to bet on the next young unknown artist to follow this path, I’m putting my money on Raury. Two weeks ago, I heard his song “God’s Whisper” and immediately recognized potential far beyond his current status as a relatively unknown. Then today, he released the official video and I’m ready to run out of my house and yell at the next old lady and her dog that walks by, “RAURY IS THE NEXT BIG THING! HE’S READY NOW! HE’S ONLY SEVENTEEN BUT HE’S READY!!!!” Seriously. Watch this video and try to argue with me. There’s an infectious youthful energy bottled up in this video that’s so inspiring. The bonfire scene at the end is especially next-level stuff (thanks to the impressive work by director Andrew Donoho). Watch below.

Erik Hassle – Talk About It ft. Vic Mensa

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Erik Hassle Talk About It

This might be the perfect pop song. For two and a half minutes, Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Hassle loses his mind and spews his soul (that sounds weird but I’m sticking to it) all over the skittering production swelling behind his ridiculous vocals. Then Vic Mensa (ex-frontman of Chicago’s Kids These Days) jumps in and similarly loses his mind in a verse that has about as much emotion as you’d ever expect from an emcee. It’s hard to explain what happens after his parting words, and I’ve spent three years avoiding this word because I think it’s overused, unfunny, and kinda gross — but this is my breaking point… I have to. It’s an eargasm. There. I said it. You’ll forgive me after you hear this. Press play below.

Download the new mixtape from Vince Staples

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Vince Staples

Remember last summer when Earl Sweatshirt released that crazy video for Hive that introduced most of the hip-hop world to Vince Staples? Remember that gritty verse fromm Staples that sorta scared the shit out of everyone, but mainly just impressed us? Yeah. Turns out that wasn’t just a one-time thing. Today, the Long Beach rapper released a free mixtape called Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 that’s full of the same gritty style that made that verse on the Earl Sweatshirt track so awesome. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a rapper sound so genuinely intimidating as Staples. I love it. Stream the tape below and grab a free download here.


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After being blessed with whimsical tracks like sweet n sour and somethin’, we’re used to thinking of MVSCLES as a magical duo capable of nothing but positive songs that seem to come from an alternate dimension where it’s always sunny and nothing bad ever happens. Like, a place where kittens stay kittens forever (avoiding that awkward “cat” stage altogether) and stubbing your toe isn’t a thing that happens. This makes it a little surprising to hear their new song “Game” have some angst behind it. Looks like we’ll have to blame the greedy nature of the music industry for that.

“We wrote the words to ‘game’ at our wits’ end,” they told Pigeons and Planes. “We’d been told so many lies that we could hardly think straight. The people closest to us took advantage of the fact that we knew very little about the music industry, and tried to strip us of our integrity and artistry. Writing this song was like waking up from being hypnotized, finally recognizing the black hole we’d gotten ourselves into.”

Of course, being the pop geniuses that they are, MVSCLES didn’t just make a song about the music industry. It easily doubles as a breakup song and I doubt anyone will get mad when you put it on at 2 in the morning when things get weird at that house party you’ll “accidentally” end up at this weekend.

Happy Friday, you guys.

There’s a hidden gem on the new Rick Ross album

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Rick Ross

The latest album from Rick Ross came and went without anyone really noticing early this week. That would normally be totally fine with me, as I don’t see anything very special about the (literally) larger than life 38-year-old Florida rapper. Then I heard track 14, a Kanye-assisted hidden gem of a song that everyone should know about. The lyrics are brash (and admittedly pretty stupid) and Big Sean is as “Big Sean” as he’s ever been (which may or may not be a compliment), but Betty Wright’s soulful vocals combined with Yeezy’s ridiculous verse holds some magic that you don’t want to miss.

Even though Kanye doesn’t ever get around to actually rhyming (or pronouncing the word handkerchief correctly), I still can’t stop replaying his verse. Even though “all I wanted is 100 million dollars and a bad bitch” is probably the least relatable sentiment of all time, I CAN’T STOP SINGING ALONG. Is something wrong with me? I think something might be wrong with me. I just posted a Rick Ross song about bad bitches on my blog. Goodbye.