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Chance The Rapper – Juice

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Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper is an acquired taste. Don’t worry, though. Unlike that horrible casserole your mom tried that “acquired taste” trick on, his music is actually worth the effort. Once you get past his unusual voice, there’s a lot going on that’s worth paying attention to — mainly a level of experimentation with flow that’s hard to find modern hip-hop. Of course, maybe this is just the kind of hip-hop that only appeals to people who listen to way too much rap (like myself) and gravitate towards anything that sounds different.┬áThis is definitely different. That’s actually something I’ve been struggling with lately. The more music I listen to, the weirder it needs to be for me to appreciate it. It has to stand out from everything else out there. That’s fine for an average listener but as someone who makes an effort to expose music to people that I think they’ll like, it definitely poses some problems. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Anyway, there’s a decent chance your ears won’t appreciate Chance’s nasally voice on first listen. That’s fine. Mine didn’t either. It’s worth trying to get into, though. The beat on this might make things more approachable than some of his other stuff. Give it a shot below (and watch the video here).

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